Friday, September 30, 2011

Arms and Equipment Guide!

It ARRIVED. I opened the mail box and found it rolled up inside to fit in the box!

This book is even more amazing than I imagined from reading all of its text at since it comes with TONS of pictures. Pretty much a picture for every item in the core book. It explains at the beginning that it's meant to be a supplementary material that explains what every core book item is for all those DMs that aren't masters of all things historical and thus might not know what the difference between banded mail and splint mail.

It's also handy for finally explaining what a "crampon" is, even though players will never stop making the jokes, haha!

It has a slightly expanded items list too, and goes into much greater detail on the different types of medieval clothing available, plus pictures and descriptions which makes me very happy. Also I'm not certain why Goodwill listed the item as "functional." I was expecting to get something with a ripped off cover and coffee stains all over it, but it's actually in excellent condition. Far better condition than anything I've bought from bookmans or my own 10+ year old collection!

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