Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As Much for My Reference as Yours

Ship Name - The Quickling
Ship Type - Extreme Clipper

Length - 180 feet
Bow - 30 feet
Draft - 20 feet
Cargohold - 700 tons below deck
Crew Required - 30

Jobs on the ship and what they entail:

Owner - Owns the ship, probably Llewain or the whole party
Captain - Runs the ship for the owner, Llewain
First Mate - In charge of the deck crew, probably Esra
Second Mate - Answers to the first mate, chief navigator, Sabine I'd assume
Carpenter - Also a shipwright, can build and repair ships/rudders/masts/etc, Albert
Sailmaker - Mends and fabricates sails as needed, Jacques
Steward - In charge of provisioning/cooking for the crew, ????
Purser - Pays the crew, Esra
Boatswain/Bosun - In charge of ship's rigging, anchors, ropes, and boats, I recommend filling this role with someone trustworthy!
And the rest - Everyone else, Asha, Sylvia, Xenocrates, Slasher, Glorya, Denar, +20 sailors

Give me a heads up if I missed anything! I wanted to catalog all of this for my own reference, and it's easier to type things out when brainstorming for me, probably because it's so easy to erase!

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