Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fleeing - Part 2

From D&D Holmes Basic Set(1977):


If the party decides to flee they may be able to delay pursuit by discarding some of their possessions. Unintelligent monsters will stop to pick up food half the time (roll 1 – 3 on a 6-sided die) and intelligent monsters will stop for treasure half the time (roll 1 – 3). Burning oil will deter monsters (referee’s discretion).

Awesome! An actual example of written rules about "what happens when a party attempts to flee" is quite rare in RPG systems, I must admit, leaving a lot of us scrambling to patch the hole up with movement speeds and/or skill systems.

I probably wouldn't run this strictly as-is, because it's so random(50% chance after all!) but I was still very glad to see it in print. You can tell players a million times that they can "do anything," but having something like this written in a book makes it more real, and also gives people some ideas about how the game is expected to be played!

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