Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magical Stuff for Basic D&D

Posting this here for Dustin, but it's a good place to point other people who might care too! These are the rules for scroll writing, research, transcribing, and potion brewing that I want to use in my Basic D&D game. I might change them if they seem a little too expensive or cheap, we'll see!

Activity                                                      Time                Material Cost
Writing a Scroll                                         1 day               Costs 50 gp x level
Transcribing a Spell to Spellbook            1 day               Costs 50 gp x level
Researching a Spell(On a List Already) 2 weeks           Costs 200 gp x level
Researching a Spell(Wholly Original)    2 weeks           Costs 300 gp x level
Brewing a Potion                                      1 day/level        Costs 50 gp x level

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