Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sweetgrove Information

I've finally gotten off my ass and started running my Sweetgrove BD&D game, I'd been planning for almost a year now. It helps that I've brought all my other games to a satisfying conclusion!

Since the actual sessions are generally centered around dungeon crawling expeditions, and some my players have expressed aspirations to interact further with the people of the town, I made a forum to basically handle all the stuff that goes on between sessions.

The forum can be found at:

I'm still using Meet Up to play with other people, but the forum that they had built into the site was too limiting for what I have in mind! This way, people can post about their individual goals, messages between characters, and include their in-character session summaries for me to read.

At the moment, I'm willing to allow them to use the forums to exchange goods and services amongst each other, but I included the stipulation that the two characters have to have met at a session of actual play.

Since I was free this week, some of the players asked for small sessions with each other, and I was able to run three of them. I'm a little exhausted, but I consider it totally worth it, because those sessions went a long way towards fleshing out the city and surrounding forest.(For example, now there's apparently an ancient undercity complete with mesoamerican sculptures, statues, and ziggurats!)

The next main session is in a little less than a week, since I'm running every other Saturday, but some of the players are trying to encourage me to use Google Hangouts to run smaller sessions in-between the bi-weekly Saturday ones. I bought a webcam, but only time will tell if I actually go through with it!


  1. Cool. For that sort of stuff I had success with making a Facebook group for the campaign, and individual discussion topics to run various types of interactions.

    1. Facebook would honestly work -really- well(as would Google+), but I have a few players who are intensely against signing up for social media sites like Facebook/Twitter/G+.

      This works pretty well for them, surprisingly. I was worried that they'd refuse to sign up for a forum, but it's okay, I guess, because it's _my forum_.