Monday, November 5, 2012

Catch Up Time!

To bring everyone up to speed, Sweetgrove was a roaring success. Keeping up with it has kept me busier than I would have expected, even though much of it has been rehashing old modules I own. In the past 6 months the following things have happened:

  • The Caves of Chaos were poked into and declared "Not worth the effort" by no less than 10 different characters. 
  • A magic crown was excavated from the Tomb of Demara, an ancient king. 
  • A corrupted Druid was cured of a terrible curse in the western woods. 
  • In the southern swamp, the Black Knight held a tournament of chivalry. The quixotic Dame Varnell was the victor. 
  • An eternal winter has come and gone from Sweetgrove, the Winter King has been defeated and his castle looted by thieves. The Adventuring Guild gained a little more respect from the other groups in town. 
  • The Iron Ring slaver organization attempted to establish their trade in Sweetgrove. They were ousted rather quickly by a man named Fletcher. 
  • Mysterious nightmares plagued Sweetgrove. While a stalwart group investigated, they discovered an "undercity" full of mesoamerican-style architecture and at least one tomb under Sweetgrove. 
  • The wizard Kaine was driven mad by a magic crown sold to him by adventurers and fled the town. 
  • A witch(thank you, Strange Magic) decided to purchase the old abandoned shop behind the Inn which happens to contain an Undercity entrance. She sells brewed potions there. 
  • Far to the west of Sweetgrove, a ship went on a relaxing journey by sea when suddenly it was struck by a freakish storm. Everyone aboard was killed except a handful of rough-and-tumble sorts who found themselves washed ashore on the mysterious Isle of Dread. They went their separate ways after the events on the Isle, agreeing not to discuss what happened with anyone. Afterwards, a tsunami struck the western coast. 
  • The Iron Ring returned with an army and joined forces to the Black Knight. Sweetgrove was conquered for a time, but the Watch Guard Captain and Adventuring Guild joined forces to slay the Iron Ring Commander. The ensuing hero-worship has caused Fletcher to go into hiding.
  • Eerie mists coming from the swamp and a rise in 'accidents' have led to the populace believing themselves to be cursed. A small band of guild members hired by Sethel traveled to a Tomb of an ancient Hero and were successful in appeasing his spirit so the curse would be lifted. 

I'm sure that's not everything, because there were plenty of little one-shot trips into tombs, caves, temples, and keeps with characters and players that were never seen again(for one reason or another.) Now that we're reaching the seventh month since I started this project in full-swing, I think it's time to design a second settlement. I'm thinking of a city, larger than Sweetgrove, that can only be reached by traveling west, through the mountain passes and valleys that are known to hold tribes of giants. Maybe Fletcher can be lured out of hiding to lead a group Against the Giants!


  1. Speaking as Fletcher...I'm listening. :D

    1. We'll have to organize this in the near future. Probably on a Sunday!