Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Tables, Mediocre Module

I love modules. I've rarely seen a module that didn't have something I could purloin for my own games, even if I usually don't feel like running the entire thing. Generally speaking, TSR modules became something I couldn't even run sometime in the 80s, around the same time they stopped being a map, a key and an explanation of various motivations of the involved parties.

One module that I always assumed I'd love is Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits, but in practice, it just holds very little appeal for me! Walk down crazy twisting corridors that are fairly linear in actuality? Thick mist that prevents you from seeing anything interesting? A huge chart showing how many spells don't work as you're used to them working(generally making the most interesting spells unable to function of course)

All in all, it's not for me, but it has some random tables that I completely love, especially the creepy regeneration one.

So here you go, my own version of the Creepy Regeneration Table, most likely to be used in my B/X games as the standard way the spell works:

Unpredictable Regeneration (d8)

1.  Scaled reptilian appendage
2.  Limb/Paw of an animal (1-2: wolf 3-4: horse 5-6: bear)
3.  Gelatinous pseudopod (1-3: ochre slime 4-6: green slime)
4.  Chitinous insectoid appendage
5.  Feathery bird wing or scaly, anisodactyl bird leg
6.  Versatile tentacle (1-3: slimy 4-6: clean and smooth)
7.  Normal for the subject's race (1-3: same gender 4-6: different gender) 
8.  Normal for the subject's race (1-3: same gender 4-6: different gender)

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