Monday, October 3, 2011

Middle School Monster Use

I was perusing the AD&D Monster Manual and realized some of the monsters I remember from my middle school games were missing! Lo and beholder, I found them in the Monster Manual II. While many of the monsters in this book are just downright ridiculous, I did love it for such features as Quasi-elementals, Sirines, Alu-Demons, and of course, Glasya. This evil looking lady got quite a bit of use in my 'first campaign ever' which expanded out from the Yellow Box Starter Set town of Freedale in the Forgotten Realms. Being a neophyte DM at such a tender young age, it was not uncommon for overpowered beings to drop in on the party in a flash of light and just start messing with them(Personally, I blame Star Trek: The Next Generation, haha!) Aside from the obvious Elminster, who was played pretty much exactly like Q, we also saw much of Glasya, the Princess of Hell in these games. She fell in love with the party's Werewolf Assassin played by Jonathan and he did everything in his power to make her stop pursuing him, especially after Mammon and Asmodeus made it very clear that they didn't approve of the relationship!

I imagine this kind of zaniness is pretty common for DMs when they first start out, and I know many who never stop, haha! I remember talking to a friend's father once and he described a wizard who regularly popped in and turned members of the party into toadstools, or the session he ran where everyone was crawling through a dungeon starving, days from the surface, and they found strange mushrooms that looked edible. I think it's easy to figure out where THAT went! It's a wonder with such silly old DMs teaching me the game that my games aren't even sillier than they already are... which is still pretty silly!

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