Friday, November 16, 2012

Pre Generated Characters or WHYYY?

I was looking around my area for D&D games and came upon this description for one:

A thousand years ago, a thousand survivors of a holy war between the Believers; a group of devout warriors; and the Renouncers; an army following The Dragon Generals; traveled to an island surrounded by mountains and sealed off the only pass to or from the island. Over the thousand years of isolation all but a select few have forgotten the old ways and have also forsaken the gods. Now only one Believer remains; Mordeci, taught by his father to follow the path of the warrior and protect the hidden temple that contains their greatest enemy, the last Dragon General; Chernobog.
10 Years ago, a group of children from the island unleashed Chernobog and he has rampaged unchecked since. Too young to understand what they had done or to do anything about it, Mordeci called upon the gods for aid and they answered; the children fell into a deep slumber where they were magically aged into the adults they would have been and now, 10 years later, the 8 children responsible and Mordeci as the final Believer must go forth into the world and stop Chernobog.

I currently have 6 of the 9 players, I need three more to play the characters Liam, Sara, and Syd. A link to the site is below so you can check out the characters.

I think I shared it with about three friends before I realized that I had to know more, so I sent him a message:

Me: This is remarkably rigid for a roleplaying game, especially D&D. That's not a dig on your style, I'd love to know more about your technique and why you want to run this way. I look forward to hearing from you!

The Guy: Hey Danny, the reason is because I like large groups, it makes it more fun for me personally and as a DM, but unfortunately it also causes some problems when I have 8 people with wildly outlandish characters and it causes some backup in character creation as well as other things. So, in order to bring some much needed order to the chaos and be able to work my story around the characters individually, it is easier if I already have well-established characters who all have abilities I know about and can anticipate as a DM. It's also nice for bringing in people who have lives or who have never played before because it takes much of the out-of-game decisions about character stories and creation out of the picture so people can basically just show up and play as well as the ability to switch out players if something comes up and someone can't play anymore without having to work characters in and out.

The end result of this story is that I'm now running a dungeon crawl-centric game for some local tabletop players in my area. I hope they can manage to find some time in their busy lives to come up with names for their characters!

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